Defend Your Temple

Defend Your Temple - In 168 B.C.E., the Hellenist Syrians, led by Antiochus, forced the Jews to convert or die. The seemingly defeated Jews were few and the Syrians were many, so many of the Jews did as they were told. However, many of the Jews still held Jewish rituals and kept them secret from the Syrians. Such rituals were reading from the Torah and playing with dreidels. Not all of the Jews did as they were told, Judah Maccabee was one of those Jews. Judah and a bunch of other rebels formed together and revolted against Antiochus. Although the Syrians highly out numbered the 'Maccabees', Judah and his men had won the battle. It was a miracle. This was not the only miracle, however. When Judah returned to his temple, he had found many things broken and missing. The men fixed up the temple and had a celebration. To celebrate, they were going to light the menorah, but they only had enough oil for one day. To their surprise, the oil burned for 8 days. This is why we celebrate Hanukkah.

Defend Your Temple
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